Hello again! I'm glad to see that you've found your way to my website after the "Let's Get Digital: How to Expand Your F&B Brand Online" panel. There is so much I wanted to share with you! Tips to increase your SEO so you can rank on the first page of Google organically, free resources to help you manage your social media accounts, and what to do with your Social Media Strategy in the time of Covid-19 and more.

If you are thinking, "it is too late to start working on my social media/SEO strategy," you would be wrong! Due to Covid-19, our daily routines changed overnight, more of people’s’ daily and work lives shifted to online, and social media became an even more important tool for connection. This changed the way consumers behave online and wipe the slate clean for everyone online.

With my tips below coupled with what we discussed during the panel I hope this empowers you to start or to pivot your social media/SEO strategy.

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3 Topics Clusters

You might not have realized it but the Search Engine algorithm has changed in the last year or so. We went from individual blog posts that rank for specific keywords to having something called topic clusters. The topic cluster model is essentially when a company chooses broad topics you want to rank for, then create content based on specific keywords related to that topic that all link to each other, to create broader search engine authority. 

Essentially what this means is to pick 3 broad topics relevant to your industry and write blogs that are relevant to those 3 topics. 

Website’s loading speed

When your website takes longer than 7 seconds to load, then fixing it should be on top of your priority list. Slow loading speed is going to hurt you in two ways.

First, search engines will rank your website lower, even if your content is most relevant and high quality. Second, your customer conversion rate is going to be affected very badly as 40% of visitors mostly leave the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Research shows that improving your website’s loading speed by 1 sec will give you 7% more conversion rates. Use online software like GTmetrix and PageSpeed Insights to analyze and find out your website’s loading time.

Boost Readability

Keeping your content easy to read and understand, will make the user experience better. Readability is also an important factor for SEO rankings.

Websites that have low readability most likely to lose readers. But website’s with high readability gives engaging content to readers and hence improve organic ranking.

Some ways to improve the readability is by:

Free Resources

Facebook Creator Studio 

Facebook Creator Studio allows community managers to plan, schedule, analyze, and monetize their activities across Facebook Pages and, Instagram accounts all from one dashboard.

Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is a tool that provides keyword ideas and traffic estimates to help you build a Search Network campaign. Search for keyword and ad groups ideas based on terms that describe your product or service, your website, or a product category related to what you're advertising.

Rank Math

Rank Math is designed to present the right information to you at the right time. The simple, but powerful user-interface highlights important information about your posts alongside the post itself. Using this information, you can improve your post's SEO instantaneously.


TweetDeck is a free web-based tool that helps you manage and post to your Twitter accounts. It's also designed to improve organization and functionality across them.

TweetDeck's dashboard displays separate columns of activity from your Twitter accounts. For example, you might see separate columns for your home feed, your notifications, your direct messages, and your activity—all in one place on the screen


Canva is an easy-to-use graphic design website where you can create custom, on-brand graphics for your company's social media accounts. The website has dozens of templates -- everything from Facebook banners to Instagram stories to Twitter posts -- so if starting from scratch to create social graphics seems intimidating, use a template instead.


Described as "a toolkit for storytellers", Unfold is an iOS and Android app that helps you create beautiful templates for Instagram stories. Bringing your creative visions to life is the driving idea behind Unfold. It's an ideal app for lifestyle brands who want to create stylish collages to keep their social media accounts on-brand and receive the maximum amount of engagement from followers.


Quuu is a platform that helps its users execute visually stunning social media content. It automates the time-consuming process of properly creating professional, engaging multimedia assets for campaigns.

When using Quuu, you can choose from over 500 interest categories, like marketing or real estate, and receive content suggestions based on those choices. You'll receive a certain amount of content suggestions per day per profile based on your settings, ensuring you'll always have relevant posts for your audience. 

Social Media Opportunities

Evaluate your Social Strategy

Now is the time to reevaluate your social media strategy. Push pause on all scheduled content and campaigns, for the time being, so you can give yourself some breathing room while you reevaluate.

First things first, take a look at your social media post from the past year, what post got the most engagement, what post flopped, was there a post that encouraged your followers to leave more comments than they usually do?

Secondly, look at what you have planned to launch immediately or in the coming weeks. Ask yourself, does your plan still make sense, given the climate of today? Does it come off as insensitive? What can you keep? What should be postponed?

Right now, people are particularly sensitive, and emotions are heightened. Evaluate your content with that in mind so well-intentioned messages on social don’t come off as tone-deaf.

Finally, take into consideration what you had planned, what posts worked for you in the past year, and what is happening in today’s climate and begin to plan when and on what platform you would like to post your content on.

More time to be creative

Covid-19 has given us business owners and social media managers one great opportunity, it allows us to be more creative, explore new platforms and social media features we’ve never tried before.

We’ve seen companies use Zoom meeting screens to advertise their services and products, we’ve seen more events and networking opportunities that were traditionally face-to-face being hosted on Facebook Live. We’ve seen restaurants use their platform to show that they may be closed for dine-in service but they are still serving our community. My personal favorite, watching chef share their trade secrets or even sharing new recipes with us while we watch from our living rooms.

The possibilities are endless and it is up to you on whether or not to dedicate your time to creative methods. 

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