Business, entertainers, influencers, everyone can make their passion or brand Instagrammable.

One Billion people all over the world use Instagram and 500 million people watch Instagram stories each day. 

This article is to help business owners with Instagram, whether you are new or need to update your strategy.

Why should businesses focus on Instagram? 200 Instagram users visit at least check one business profile each day. You can estimate your brand’s reach from the statistics if you have the right strategy and plan with you.

Before getting started with steps to use Instagram for a business, let’s know some Instagram terminology.

Step 1: Create an Instagram Business Account

You need to set up an Instagram business account. An Instagram business account gives you features and tools to track the performance of your profile. It is pretty easy to create a business account. You need to sign up for Instagram, go to Settings, click Accounts and here you can get a link to switch to a professional or business account.

Why do you need a business account?

Step 2: Build Your Instagram Strategy

Strategy and planning are needed to gain success in any field. Same as it is with Instagram. You need a winning Instagram strategy to grow your profile and outrank your competitors. 

Defining Target Audience

According to your niche, you should already know what your target audience is. As the number of targets and engaging audiences matters more.

Here is how you can define your target audience for Instagram:

Understanding your audience will make it easier to find what type of posts, stories you need to create. 

Set Achievable Goals

Setting realistic goals will help you in creating effective marketing strategies. Your goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely.

Setting goals like growing followers to 1 million in just one month is unrealistic and not real business objectives. Set your goals based on engagement, likes, follows conversion rate, etc.

Track and Monitor the Performance

Track the performance of your Instagram using various metrics. This step will help you to find out if you have achieved your goals. Here are some Instagram metrics that you can monitor:

Test, Test, and Test

Test everything to find out what is working for you and what is not. Test with various types of content to know what your audience is liking.

Step 3: Optimize Your Profile

Yes, you need to optimize your profile to get the best results. Here are some steps that you can follow:

Step 4: Share Great Contents

Now, Instagram is all about the content you share. Make sure you share content regularly. Make an Instagram scheduling calendar and reserve time and days for sharing Instagram posts, video, IGTV, and story.

Create Instagram content in such a way so that it speaks visually aesthetic for your brand. Research on your competitors, what they are doing. Be creative and ready to test with different types of content.

Use high-quality, edited photos, and videos on Instagram. Your captions need to be compelling and creative as well. Use relevant hashtags to get better engagement.

Step 5: Engage With Your Audience 

Instagram is a platform where brands can directly connect with their audience. Follow and engage with the Instagram profiles of your niche. Use relevant hashtags on all of your posts. You can add up to 30 hashtags to each post.

Make time to reply to comments and mentions. It will connect you with your followers. Many users have tried bots for the engagement, Instagram is strictly against it. You can get shadowbanned and your engagement and reach will go down badly.

Instagram allows you to use ads, to get yourself in front of a large audience. Set up ads according to your budget, time, and audience to get better brand visibility.

Step 6: Track, Test and Grow

Tracking your performance regularly is an important step if you are serious about promoting your business using Instagram. A/B test on everything to find out what is working and what is not. Here is how you can do this:

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